About Us

We are a team of like minded people who has a strong passion for nice car registration numbers.
We strongly believe in numbers, other than status and brand awareness, can bring us success in our careers and family and much much more, .
Our founder, Saimonn Theo, being an industry players in car numbers for many years has accumulate numerous knowledge with respect to the different meanings of different car plates.
Our objective of carplate.com.sg is to be able to reach out to Singapore car plates lovers as a portal of sharing and trading our favourite numbers.
The value of nice car numbers is a form of investment. Nice car numbers should not be compromise by ignorant, therefore let us have a committee of our own likings. We hope that everyone can have their desirable number which we are able to afford that can bring properity, happiness and success in our life.Additionally, for the first time in wnfin’s five year history, i’ll be newprint.org offering free teleseminars